Light Emitting Electrosurgical Scalpel

US Patent No: 8,287,534 was filed on Dec. 9, 2008, as Appl. No. 12/315,973 by Dr. Carl Balog. A light emitting electrosurgical scalpel instrument for selectively providing electrical energy to an electrode blade for cutting and coagulation. The light emitting electrosurgical scalpel contains housing, a reduced neck portion at a first end of the housing, the neck portion being configured to receive and retain an electrode blade extending outwardly therefrom, a light source disposed within an interior of the housing, a light power source encapsulated within the interior of the housing, plural user-selectable switches disposed at an exterior of the housing and extending therethrough to the interior of the housing, a first switch of the plural switches is configured, when depressed, to close an electrical circuit and to communicate to the attached electrode blade either of a cutting signal or a coagulating signal, and a second switch of the plural switches is coupled in electrical communication with each of the light source and the light power source, wherein the second switch is configured, when actuated, to close an electrical circuit, to communicate an operable electrical signal to the light source, and to cause the light source to illuminate, a circuit board disposed within the housing and directly underlying the first switch, the circuit board further being coupled in electrical communication with the electrode blade, and an electrically conductive lead. For more information on the light emitting electrosurgical scalpel, check out US Patent No: 8,287,534.